13 Dead in Texas!1 min read

13 Dead and 10 injured!  Why is that not the headline and lead story on every news in the country today?  Simple, no guns where involved.

Early Monday morning an F-250 crashed into a tree 10 miles South of San Antonio, killing 13 and injuring 10 more.  Some of them are listed in critical condition.  Texas Highway Patrol and Border Patrol are investigating and believe the truck was full of illegal immigrants from Mexico.  The accident was so severe that 6 bodies had to be extracted from the tangled metal of the truck.

This is a tragedy, one that should be making bigger headlines than the Aurora, CO shooting because the death count was higher.  However, no politician is going to stand up and talk about banning trucks, are they?  The President isn’t going to visit the scene of the horrific accident.  No one from the State Department will call the families of the victims and give their condolences.  There is simply no money in it for the media! No money can be raised by either party over a simple truck accident, one that would bring up another argument into the danger having an unprotected border.

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