The Left’s “Birther” Moment1 min read

Listen, anyone who knows me knows I’m not fan of Mitt Romney. I wasn’t in ’08, and I’m certainly not now. It even pained me a bit to put his picture on this article.

But seriously…


This is the leftists “birther” moment. You remember, when a whole bunch of concerned people asked about Barack Obama’s birth certificate? Now some other people are demanding Mitt Romney release tax returns.

And it’s by and large the same people who denounced those who were asking questions about Obama’s birth certificate.

Says Representative Sander Levin:

“The stunning lack of transparency from someone in pursuit of the highest office in the country highlights the need to change the law to require fuller disclosure,” Levin said in a press release Wednesday morning. “For decades, presidential candidates have voluntarily provided a thorough accounting of their tax returns and finances, as they should. But we clearly cannot continue to rely solely on the willingness of a candidate to disclose fully what the public has a right to know about the candidate’s financial record.”


Why should a Presidential candidate divulge financial information?

Is it any of my business how much money they make? No. And it’s none of yours, either.

In an election year, are we really to believe that petty things like how much a candidate made in his private life is important? How about some real issues here folks? Like the trillions of dollars in debt and unfunded liabilities that face us all.

Instead, we want to concern ourselves with something that is none of our damn business.

How about we vote for the candidate that will cut the federal budget by more than $1 Trillion in his first year. Now that’s a real change!

Aaron Graves

Aaron Graves is a veteran and a staunch libertarian, consistently breaking ranks with his Conservative friends on social issues, and with his Liberal friends on economic issues. He is also the guy that wrote the crap that you just read. Sic Semper Tyrannis

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