Aaron Graves

About Aaron

Hi, I’m Aaron Graves, creator of this site and namesake of the domain ajgraves.com.

This domain has served many purposes over the years. It began back in 2004 as the website of a business I began at the time, AJ Graves & Associates. That business never made it very far, but due to the greatness of the domain I held on to it.

Eventually I turned it into a news aggregator, called Today’s Conservative News Headlines. It was auto-updated every 20 minutes or so from about 10 RSS feeds of various news outlets and blogs. It was always created fresh, however. There was never a history of the stories kept.

Not that long ago I updated the site to store everything it pulled from RSS in a back-end database. This made it possible for you to search the site for old news stories.

Eventually I wanted to take the site in a different direction, so I shut it down. You can still view it at http://old.ajgraves.com/, but the content is no longer being auto-updated.

I then went on to create this site, de oppresso liber. My goal with this site is summed up by this excellent George Washington quote:

The reflection upon my situation and that of this army produces many an uneasy hour when all around me are wrapped in sleep. Few people know the predicament we are in. January 14th, 1776

My fellow countrymen are asleep, woefully ignorant or misinformed about the true situation that we as a nation are in. It is my goal, in this site, to awaken those who slumber.

At the very core of my being, I’m a libertarian. Fiscally conservative, and socially liberal. According to John Hasnas in his work titled What it Feels Like to be a Libertarian, “Being a libertarian means living with an almost unendurable level of frustration.” Welcome to my world.

I am a veteran and served overseas in Afghanistan in 2007. Perhaps it is due to this that I have developed many of my views. I suppose you could say I’m a “recovering neocon.” Wars, while not entirely unnecessary, should ultimately be a last resort.

I 100% support our troops, who only follow orders and do what they are trained to do. I hold our civilian leaders ultimately responsible, as under the Constitution civilian authority is over that of the military.

I hope you enjoy this site, and perhaps even contribute to it by writing for it. Use the contact page to get in touch with me.

You can see my BrandYourself profile here. My personal website can be found at ajgraves.com.