Chemical Weapons in Syria?2 min read

Photo by Aleppo University HospitalOk, let me see if I have this straight…

Muammar Gaddafi was killed in Libya, thanks to US-backed (and Al-Qaeda associated, I might add) rebels. Gaddafi was found to be hiding chemical weapons (source), which the “rebels” (excuse me, “new government”) took control of.

Libya’s new rulers have offered weapons to Syrian rebels (source)

The FSA (Free Syrian Army, the main rebel group) posted a video online demonstrating chemical weapons capabilities (source)

On Sunday, it was reported that Syrian rebels gained control over weapons and ammunition stores in the village of Khan Toman in southern Aleppo province on Saturday after fierce fighting that went on for more than three days. An anonymous source said the rebels only managed to steal a few crates containing ammunition, as a large part of the weapons stockpile had been transferred out of the facility. However, activists disputed this, maintaining that rebels had taken control of “huge reserves.” (source)

Yesterday, reports began surfacing about the use of chemical weapons in Syria (a “strong smell” of chlorine). Initial speculation was that rebels had deployed the weapons, however this morning I see all over the news that the US has intelligence reports indicating it was the Assad regime that deployed the chemical weapons (remember when the US had intelligence reports stating Saddam Hussein had WMD’s?). Talking-heads and warhawks are already shouting the US has a “moral obligation” to intervene. Lindsey Graham is even saying we need US troops on the ground (source)

And to top it all off, some are coming out and saying that chemical weapons were not used at all (source)

I can’t help but think how convenient all of this is for the US regime who has wanted to directly intervene in Syria for a long time.

Don’t believe everything you see on the TV people.

Things are going to get bad real quick.

Aaron Graves

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