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A federal judges rules in favor of OSHA, upholding a rule preventing trainers from getting into the water with Orca Whales (aka Killer whales). Apparently it is news to the world, except for SeaWorld Management, that swimming and training with KILLER WHALES is dangerous.  OSHA claims that SeaWorld’s management knew how dangerous swimming with killer whales was and they hid it from the employees, in some cases even forcing trainers into the water.

I am not sure what to say… did common sense finally die completely? This is like the people that join the Army and then scream bloody murder when they have to go to war… YOU JOINED THE ARMY!

I truly don’t understand the “force” part of this story.  There are thousands of people in the US, let alone the world that would kill for a chance to be in the tank with these animals. All of them I am sure would already understand that by getting into the water with a KILLER WHALE that there would be a possibility of being killed.

I know SeaWorld will do everything to continue to put on a good show, but it will never be as cool as the first time I saw a trainer riding on the back of Shamu or being thrown out of the water on the noise. Almost every kid wanted to be a whale trainer. Who doesn’t remember when Full House visited SeaWorld.

Let’s not forget about the whales, they have become use to human companionship and now there must be a barrier between them and the trainers at all times. Seriously? I think they will get depressed and blame themselves for being rejected by the ones that should love them.  They are in captivity, so it’s not like the whales can just move on.

A few facts for you:

Since 1968, there have been four deaths by Orca whales in captivity. There have been tons of injuries and bites over the years, some very severe, but only four deaths.

I personally like those odds.

One last fact:

There are no reported deaths by Orca whales in the wild and only a few documented “attacks”.

So, stop with the stupid rules and lets think before you take a job, if it doesn’t sound “fun” to put your life in danger by working with Killer Whales, then don’t.

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