They Have What It Takes, To Take What You Have2 min read

What has for years been a quasi-joke about the government actually appears to be completely true. They really do have what it takes, to take what you have.

Of course, everybody wants to believe that the government really cares. They are only looking out for you and your best interests. There are many of us that have long since realized that simply isn’t true.

Recently I learned of police departments confiscating bail money after having a drug dog sniff it.

Never mind that in 2009, researchers at the University of Massachusetts analyzed 234 bills from 18 cities, and found that 90% of them contained traces of cocaine.

Now you’re going to start wondering about the money you’re carrying around in your own pocket. Just try not to think about how many g-strings those dollar bills have been in throughout their life (or do, if you’re in to that sort of thing).

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. Here is yet another example of where “innocent until proven guilty” is thrown out the window. In cases of asset forfeiture, the mere suspicion of wrongdoing could see you lose any asset – your house, your car, or cold hard cash.

So basically, the police come take your house, claiming that you’re selling drugs out of it, and then say “prove that you’re not.” Granted, that may be a bit of an extreme case. But in the referenced story, the scenario was basically this: “We believe this is drug money. So we’re taking it. And the accused remains in jail. Sorry.”

Seriously, the presumption of innocence is nowhere to be found.

When did this happen? Oh yea. When we instituted the “war on drugs.”

Now everybody is a potential criminal.

Speaking of the war on drugs, how about 56 year old grandmother Elisa Castillo, who is spending life in prison now for a first-time drug offense.

Shit just got real.

Aaron Graves

Aaron Graves is a veteran and a staunch libertarian, consistently breaking ranks with his Conservative friends on social issues, and with his Liberal friends on economic issues. He is also the guy that wrote the crap that you just read. Sic Semper Tyrannis

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