Afraid Homeowner Has Guns, Intruder Dials 911 from the Shower1 min read

“I just broke into a house and the owner came home…I think they have guns,” the scared intruder told dispatch. Is this backwards or what?!

After breaking into a Portland, Oregon home on April 6th, the 25 year old intruder was taking a shower when the owner got home. She asked him why he was taking a shower in their home. He replied, “I’m sorry…my name’s Timothy Chapek.”

Needless to say, Chapek was scared. So scared he locked the bathroom door, called the cops and reported his fear the homeowners might have a gun to dispatch. However, there is no indication that the homeowners even own a gun.

Personally, I think this guy’s guilty conscience got the better of him. Good thing he chickened out and called the cops!

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