[Humor] News Flash: Idaho is Banned!1 min read

You read that correctly. It’s not a mistake. Say goodbye to our American flag with 50 stars. Soon it will only be 49. Idaho’s funeral is just around the corner.

Banned IdahoImage Courtesy of The Comical Conservative

While we poke fun at Idaho getting banned, the reality of this situation is no laughing matter. In January, a 5 year old was suspended from school for threatening to shoot another student with her pink ‘Hello Kitty’ toy gun, which was at home at the time of the incident. Just last week, a 7 year old boy was suspended for playing with his food. While trying to shape a mountain from his breakfast pastry, he failed and ultimately had a toy pastry gun on his hands. Oh, did I mention his elementary school has a zero tolerance policy?

The public was in uproar after a school asked a boy to change his name, since his sign language signature resembles a gun.

How far are we going to let it go? Will you step up to the plate and defend innocent kids who are bearing the brunt of panic-stricken, post-Sandy Hook school officials?

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  3. Things are quickly getting out of hand. I’ve said that all along, however, when it comes to the “zero tolerance” policies employed by most organizations. It boils down to “zero thinking.” Nobody is allowed to exercise judgment or common sense.

    • Yes, most people haven’t figured out that SAYING “no guns” doesn’t MEAN there are no guns present.


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