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The media, which is predominantly anti-gun, has an agenda. Recently, producers and anchors have been using the Sandy Hook tragedy as the main vehicle for their arguments in support of stricter gun-control laws. Their main (stated) purpose is to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and terrorists. The media claims that U.S. gun laws are the most lax in the world; therefore, we have the worst incidents of violence against children and, for that matter, innocents in general. Is this a true statement? Does this argument used by the media accurately depict life in America?

According to JohnsonArchive.org, since 1996 there have been 54 minor school children killed and over 75 injured in the United States in direct attacks on schools and on areas where school children congregate. In Iraq and Afghanistan, there have been 220 children killed and over 2,250 injured in direct attacks on schools and public areas filled with school-aged children since 2004. Clearly, the United States is in no way close to having the highest number of incidents of violence against children and innocents.

Apple and oranges, you say? Iraq and Afghanistan are war zones and can’t be compared to the peaceful, safe United States, you say? War zones, yes…battlefields, no. The casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan were related to incidents of deliberate, criminal/terrorist activity specifically and intentionally targeting children in civilian areas. These attacks included gas, poison, acid, bombings, and shootings – often carried out against girls’ schools.

In gun-free Chicago, 446 school-aged children were shot and killed in 2012. In 2010, that number was a little higher at over 700 children shot, though only 62 died as a result.

Overwhelmingly, media stories tend to be both anti-gun and anti-war. It’s a liberal media tenet to push for gun control in the name of protecting children and innocents and simultaneously a liberal tenet to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as to avoid entering the conflict in Syria, where children are being targeted en masse daily. One must wonder why that is? Does the American news media consider Iraqi and Afghan children to be just as precious as American children, or are American children more precious human beings with a greater right to life than those in foreign countries?

Further bias exists if you consider coverage of car accidents that involve texting and driving and drinking and driving. Drinking and driving and texting and driving kill immense numbers of children every year. In fact, cars are used as weapons to intentionally attack children all over the world. In China, a man recently mowed down 23 middle school students, injuring 13 of them, in reaction to an unfavorable court ruling concerning his own child.

Using cars with criminal intent is nothing new. While many will use their own cars, some criminals feel the need to rent a car and try to hide their tracks. Some criminals will even get a family member to rent the car and then after the crime is committed report the car as stolen.

On May 18th, 1927 Andrew Kehoe of Bath, Michigan, whose farm had been foreclosed for failure to pay school taxes, had placed about 400 kg of dynamite in the school. One charge exploded, collapsing a portion of the school and killing over 40 children. The school superintendent confronted Kehoe on a nearby street, when Kehoe fired into his dynamite-rigged car, killing himself and the superintendent.


Last September, a couple was walking home at 3 am when a suspect pulled up and driving alongside them. An argument ensued with the driver eventually leaving. However, just minutes later the suspect returned, jumped the curb with the car and intentionally rammed the 2 pedestrians. Both pedestrians were transported to a local hospital in Fort Worth, TX. The suspect, who fled the scene, has not been identified or arrested yet, although it is suspected that the car’s driver was an ex of one of the victims.

Still, there is no movement in the media to ban cars, just a push to punish the people who commit these crimes and to educate the public on the dangers. This is the polar opposite of gun-control coverage.

The media’s primary objective isn’t the safety of children and innocents. Its objective is simply to continue the liberal anti-gun narrative. When opinion, commentary, and central missions within a news organization replace neutral reporting and fact gathering, the result is inconsistency and rampant double standards.

Rebecca Fletcher works with HR Owen, a dealership in England selling luxury cars including new and used Rolls Royce, Audi, Ferrari and Lamborghini cars. HR Owen also provides parts, services and body shop work for Rolls Royce and Audi cars.

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