Democrats are turning against Obama1 min read

Yesterday W. Virginia held a democratic  Presidential primary, Barack Obama won with 59% of the vote. The interesting twist to this is that his opponent was a current Federal inmate known as inmate #11593-051 otherwise known as Kieth Judd.

Mr. Judd won 10 counties and 41 percent of the vote in W. Virginia’s Democratic presidential primary Tuesday.

Mr. Judd is incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution in Texarkana  Texas, where he is serving a 210-month sentence for extortion, according to The Charleston Gazette. Judd had paid the $2,500 filing fee and submitted a notarized “certificate of announcement” to appear on the ballot.

He is even qualified to have a delegate at the Democratic National Convention, because he won at least 15 percent of vote.

What does this tell you? It tells me that W. Virginia Democrats are realizing that Obama is a threat to their way of life with his assault on their main industry (coal), natural gas, oil, etc… The media keep asking “how is this going to effect Obama’s campaign, why haven’t they asked “how is Obama’s policies going to effect the Country?


Hello, my name is Loren Austin. I am a 39 year old father of 2 (third is on the way), I am a (unemployed at the moment) Mechanical Engineer. I got started in politics when the events of 9/11 happened, admittingly, I didn't really know much at all. As I watched and listend, I got more ciourious and started watching FOX NEWS, CNN, MSNBC, and the broadcast news outlets, I also started to read THE NEW YORK TIMES, LA TIMES, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, WALL STREET JOURNAL, WASHINGTON POST, AND TIME MAGAZINE. I started to notice a trend, Most everyone was bashing President Bush, so I started to look into that and found that most everything I was hearing was either lies or mis-leading, I quickly realized that you can't trust what you hear or see on tv or in print, you have to do your own research/homework and rely on your ability to use critical thinking skills, I also realized the a person who can use "critical thinking, logic and reasoning skills" along with having the ability to look into an issue with an open-mind, are the ones that spread fear into those who are trying to control everything. If you follow and read my posts, I will take you through the history and prove what I'm saying. Someone once said "YOU CAN HAVE YOUR OWN OPINION BUT YOU CAN'T HAVE YOUR OWN FACTS" and oh how true this is.

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