Ron Paul Attracts 7,800+ At UCLA Rally2 min read

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They came, they saw, they climbed the Trees.

How many? Don’t know. It’s a new record!

Mainstream Newspaper: “Overflow”- estimates 6,000-7,000 I’ll take that!

Video (43:04): Full Speech Pt. 1

Video (5:32): Full Speech Pt. 2

You want to know how many. I want to know. At this point it’s not possible to know. There are all kinds of bogus guesstimates.

Daily Paul user CB4Freedom says it better than I could:

“It’s striking to watch the establishment GOP squabble over their feeble control of today while Ron Paul silently takes it over by winning the hearts and minds of the next generation.”

Below: Video and Pic contributions from our many friends-Enjoy!

VIDEO (3:09) The Doctor’s in the House

Video: Introduction by Youth for Ron Paul President

Video:(3:00) panning the crowd Use This to Count ALL Heads! from DailyPaul User spotynski

Video: Showing LONG, LONG Lines.

Video: AT capacity from Amir

VIDEO: a part of the Live Stream Daily Paul users watched from Jybyrd on Ustream who also is on Twitter @Jybyrd420

Video- :30 sec clip panning crowd..What do you think? from DailyPaul User shenager123

Photo Album: 70 Pics from Daily Bruin

Photo: WOW! A Crowd Shot! From Chance Glasco

2 Good Panorama Pics from DailyPaul User papoose34328

Photo: Another Cool Crowd Shot from Amir

Photo: everyone agrees it’s bigger than Chico

Another PACKED shot of inside

Panorama of Crowd

Photo: “Place is PACKED”

Photo: Guy says “line a mile long”

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These People Gave You Video/Pics and Info:

LIVE VIDEO FEED was from Jybyrd – @Jybyrd420

Another LIVE VIDEO FEED was from Aaron Lujan – @AaronLujan

Special Video from Amir Zendehnam – @AmirZendehnam

Lili – @vanilluhbeanz

Bel Renteria – @ana2theb

Bethany Dawne – @Bethany_Dawne

LIVINGnotSurviving – @LIVINGns

Peter Kallman – @peterrally

Chance Glasco – @ChanceGlasco

John P. Slevin – @WinLiberty

Original inspiration from the Daily Paul:

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