Was the First Thanksgiving Really Celebrated by the Pilgrims?

If you read your history book as a kid, you would have learned that the First Thanksgiving was celebrated in Plymouth by a band of 53 thankful Pilgrims and 90 Indians. Is that really true? Thirty-eight men, including Captain Woodlief had sailed to the mouth of the James River from England on a perilous voyage … Read more »

Want to Solve Our Economic Woes? Just Add Oil

As an internet marketer, I can work just about anywhere in the world, regardless of the current economy, and make a decent living. All I require is a dependable Internet connection. Not everyone is so fortunate. Local economies directly affect the employment and livelihood of residents. When supporting one’s family hinges on the ups and … Read more »

Williston, ND Bank Robber Reports His Own Crime

“Hello, is this the police? I’d like to report a bank robbery…by me.”. After hitting up the Gate City Bank in Williston, North Dakota for some $700, Kent Anthony Clemens got a bad case of bank robber’s remorse, called the cops in his Topeka, Kansas hometown and turned himself in. Clemens told authorities to arrest … Read more »

North Dakota Ousts Alaska as Second-Largest Oil Producer

When it comes to domestic oil production there’s a new “Number Two” in town and the honor goes to North Dakota. They’ve proudly kicked Alaska out of this position. And Texas? The Lone Star State is safe for now as the US’ top oil producer, but they’d better watch out; North Dakota is on the … Read more »

Aiming to Get a Grip on Virginia Gun Laws?

As you travel through Virginia enjoying the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia Beach and other breathe-taking attractions, you will want to have your gun handy as always. Virginia welcomes her gun-wielding visitors with a show of Southern hospitality you are bound to enjoy – so long as you follow a few key laws. If you have … Read more »

Know your South Carolina Gun Laws While Vacationing at Myrtle Beach

You’ve got the car packed up with swim wear, beach toys, boogie boards, beach balls and other necessities a vacationing family needs. You’re in for a fun-filled week at Myrtle Beach and you’re taking your gun along with you, as always, to protect your family. But do you know South Carolina’s gun laws? Is your … Read more »